Privacy Policy


«PANIK ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LTD», a company based in Glyfada, Athens, Greece, 1-3 Patriarchou Grigoriou E’ str. & 127 Vouliagmenis Avenue, P.C. 166 74, VAT 800350456, Tax Office of Glyfada, Number of Registration 117767401000 (herein «PANIK») has drawn up the Privacy Policy of Personal Data Protection, concerning the personal data that PANIK collects and the way PANIK makes use of them and protects them,and the relevant options and potentials that are given to those who are liable to processing.


PANIK is able to collect personal data from the below indicatively mentioned categories of individuals  (transactors with PANIK):

1. Clients
2. Artists
3. Suppliers of materials and services
4. Employees and Executives


PANIK can collect personal data by (indicatively):

Communication with PANIK,
Purchase of service/ product,
Communication with the representative of PANIK via e-mail, phone or correspondence,
Shipping ordelivery curriculum vitaein case of recruitment or request for recruitment to the Staff Department,
Cookies, IP Addresses.

During the visit at the website of PANIK, it is possible that several data that are not correlated with certain person (non person – related data) will be collected, that only help «PANIK ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LTD» to provide better services to the Clients. For instance, the “domains”, from which the visits come from, are recorded and the activities of the visitors of PANIK’s website are measured, in a way that the collected data remain non non-person related, that is the identity of the User cannot be recognized. This information is also called “clickstream” data and are used and analyzed only cumulatively, with the intention of understanding the trends and patterns. The above – mentioned information are not examined on individual users level. PANIK can use these data in order to analyze the trends and statistical data and therefore, to provide better services to the Clients. The collection of the above – mentioned data is accomplished via the use of “cookies”.This technology does not collect personal data. “Cookie” is a data set, which has the form of a small anonymous trace (“text file”), which can be sent by PANIK to the browser of the User’s computer, then it is saved there and via this trace the User’s computer can be recognized, but not the User himself. Cookies help in many ways in order to make the visit to PANIK’s website more pleasant and interesting for the User. If the User wants, he can completely deactivate the cookies in his browser. However, if he does so, several websites cannot function properly.


PANIK recognizes the importance of the security issue concerning the personal data, the online transactions and the relevant obligations that occur and takes all the necessary measures with the most contemporary and advanced methods, in order to ensure the utmost security. All the information that are relevant to the personal data are secure and confidential.

Security is accomplished –inter alia –with the methods below:


Every user of information systems of PANIK (employee) uses two fields for his recognition: the “e-mail” or“username”and the secret “password”, which every time that are register edprovide access with the utmost security at his account. The user is the only one that has access to the data via the above – mentioned secret password and he is exclusively responsible for the maintenance of its secrecy and the concealment from third parties. In case of its loss or leak, the user has to inform PANIK immediately. In any other case, PANIK is not responsible for its use from unauthorized persons. PANIK recommends, for security reasons, that the user change his password τουon a regular basis and avoid the use of easily traceable passwords (for example date of birth or phone number). Moreover, it is suggested that symbols are used, other than letters and numbers (for example $^*#@!_) at the time of password’s creation.


The access at PANIK’s systems (servers) is controlled by firewall, which allows the use of specific services by the users,prohibiting at the same time, the access at the systems and data bases with confidential data and information of PANIK.Likewise, the access to “physical” files is permitted only by authorized persons.


At first, the information system of PANIK deciphers the information that collects before entering into their processing. PANIK’s systems send information following the same procedure of encryption. In every point of the information system personal data of natural persons (password, email, addresses, phone numbers,   bank accounts) there is encryption SSL128-bit. Encryption is a way of encoding the information, so that this information will end up secure at its defined receiver, who will be able to decode by using the appropriate key. During the demand, the whole communication is carried out between your computer and the information systems of PANIK.

Confidential Financial Transaction

The maintenance of the necessary degree of confidence is obvious. The basic principles that rule the typical transaction sare applied and all the information that are transmitted by the user are confidential and PANIK has taken all the necessary measures in order to remain secure and be used only to the necessary amount for the service of the contract and the provision of services.The user,in order to maintain the security of his data, has to abstain from revealing them and the access data, to third parties.


Personal data are not used for purposes other than the ones mentioned in this policy, unless a relevant consent is given, or unless it is required or allowed by law. The main purpose of processing is the execution of the contract or the execution of a service or the purchase of a product or the employment relationship. PANIK collects only the personal data that are necessary in order to provide her services. The accomplishment of services on behalf of PANIK requires the processing of partner’s personal data in the framework of execution of the contract between PANIK and the partner. In particular, as far as the employees are concerned, PANIK keeps a file that has to do with PANIK’s employees and partners. In this file, employee’s data are registered according to the relevant form of recruitment’s announcement of responsible Insurance Body and any data may be requested in the future by law that are responsible for the implementation of PANIK’s obligations. ThepurposeofkeepingthisfileisthecalculationandthepaymentofthesalaryandthediligenceofPANIK’scorporateobligationsingeneral, the with holding and tax attribution, the payment of insurance benefits (where it is stipulated) and generally the ful filment of PANIK’s taxandinsuranceobligations.PossiblereceiversofpersonaldataforwhichPANIKkeepsfilearerelatedcompaniesintheGroup,cooperating companies,Insurance Bodies, public and privatethe services of the Ministry of Labor and the tax offices in charge, PANIK’s Payroll Department–either internal or external -, PANIK’s Staff Department, account an tsandauditors, and any other administrative, judicialor other authority or legal or natural person in general to whom PANIK may be obliged to reveal such data according to the legislation or judicial decision.Moreover, possible receivers of corporate communication data of the employee– and exclusively these data, that is name, surname, position, corporate phone number, corporate natural address and e-mail address – are the existing, future and possible clients and associates of PANIK. PANIK hastaken measures of protection concerning the maintenance and access authorized associates only to the above – mentioned data.


PANIK’s data will be kept in her file for all the period of cooperation with the Artist / User / Client /Associate, and in case of termination of cooperation for all the period that according to the LawPANIK is obliged to keep files – only for the minimum possible period–for the fulfilment of tax, insurance or other legal obligations. Inparticular, as far as the Client is concerned, every data that is outside the scope, after the receipt of the request and the period of exercising the withdrawal right, will be deleted. PANIK does not process credit cards data.


It is possible that PANIK will notify personal data to services suppliers, corporate associates and third parties, according to the existing legislation. For example, PANIK is possible to delegate the processing of personal data according to the above mentioned to a specialized companyPANIK will notify personal data only for implementation to this Policy and/or when is needed by the existing legislation and/or the execution of the contract. The deals with the corporate associates will restrict the purposes for which they can notify and process personal data according to as provided for in this Policy and will require adequate protection of personal data.

PANIK may store personal data to a cloud. Thismeansthattheprocessingofpersonaldatacanbedonebyaservicesupplyagencyat this cloud on behalf of PANIK and personal data may be stored in different places around the world. PANIK uses organizational and contractual measures for the protection of personal data and the enforcement similar, but in any case less restrictive, requirements to the service suppliers of the cloud, including requirement sconcerning the exclusive processing of personal data for the above mentioned purposes.

During the visit at PANIK’s website, it is possible that the User will meet links that lead to other internet places, for practical and informative reasons. These internet places may be operatedind ependently of PANIK and have their own notes, declarations and privacy policies. PANIK is not responsible neither for the content of these places that are owned by another company or that their administration is done by another company, nor for the use or the τιςpractices private privacy of these places.


EveryArtist / User / Client / Associate, as data subject, has the right to know if personal data that has to do with him are or have been processed. Consequently, he has the right to raise objections for the processing of his data. For exercising the rights of access,objection, correction, deletion and any other right by law concerning the processing of data may address to PANIK (1-3 Patriarchou Grigoriou E’ str. &127 Vouliagmenis Avenue, P.C. 166 74, Glyfada, Athens, Greece, +30 210 8943935, with title «Personal Data»). PANIK is obliged to answerin writing with in one month from the receipt of the relevant request–or if the request is complicated with in two months. TheArtist / User/ Client / Associate has the right of complaint to the Independent Authority of Personal Data Protection (1-3 Kifisias str., P.C. 115 23, Athens, +30 210 6475600,